Cookie Compliance

This cookie compliance statement is applicable on our websites, en (hereafter referred to as "website").

This statement was last revised on august 12th 2021.

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"Cookies" are tiny data files that are stored temporarily or permanently on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies can contain settings to personalize the website or unique identifiers allowing the website to recognize you.

By recalling your preferences and identifying information these cookies allow for a more personalized experience.


Our websites use different kinds of cookies:

2.1   Required & functional cookies

Required cookies are needed to use the basic functionality of the website. They allow you to navigate between different sections, or to fill in forms. These are set whenever you log in, complete a form or take any action beyond clicking a hyperlink.

Functional cookies are those that facilitate your visit and give you a more personalized experience. They do this by remembering things like your preferred language, or whether you already responded to a questionnaire, so you won't be presented with the same questionnaire again.

2.2    Analytics cookies

These are cookies with the purpose of gathering information on how visitors use the website. This includes info about page visits or error messages, in order to analyze and optimize website usage.

2.3    Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies make it possible to display personalized adverts.


Here we give an overview of the cookies used by Herita vzw and our third-party partners on this website. This list was last updated on the date posted at the top of this article. We endeavor to update this list periodically when changes have been made to the website.

3.1    Required & functional cookies

Our First Party Cookies, those provided by Herita vzw itself, are:

  • cookie_compliance: Required to recall your cookie preferences (expiry: 2 years);
  • has_js: This tells us whether javascript is available on your device; (expires at end of session)
  • PHPSESSID: stores your active session (expires at end of session).

3.2    Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies on this website, specifically:

  • _gat, _ga, _gid: Google Universal Analytics stores anonymized visitor statistics. No identifying information is kept, nor does this information get shared. (permanent cookies with a maximum validity of two years)

3.3    Marketing cookies

This website uses the following marketing cookies:

  • _glc_au: cookie placed by Google Adsense. This is utilized by Google to store and track conversions of ads. (expiry: 3 months);


    If you choose not to store cookies, you can delete them through your browser, or configure your browser to block them, or ask for confirmation before storing any cookies. Blocking cookies may cause some functionalities to stop working.

    For your convenience we link instructions for some common browsers below:

    For other browsers, please consult the documentation provided by the supplier.